Optogalvanic - Laser Calibration Lamps    -   See Through Hollow Cathode Lamp.

Optogalvanic Hollow Cathode Lamps provide a sensitive optogalvanic effect when used with laser beam directed through the cathode discharge. The see through cathode design also acts as a frequency stable reference, high intensity light source, particularly used with lasers.

Using a see-through cathode of high purity material, the laser does not strike the cathode surface so there is no photoelectric noise. See through hollow cathode lamps have been successfully used in many applications such as Optogalvanic Spectroscopy, Astrophysics and Observatory.

Most of the single element hollow cathode lamp materials may be used in the “see-through” design. We offer standard gas filler Neon or your choice of other gases such as Argon, Xenon and Krypton.


  • See-Through High Purity Cathode
  • High Stability Opto-Galvanic Signal
  • Quartz Window
  • Selective Cathode Materials
  • Choice of Filler Inert Gases
  • Long Lifetime


Price: USD 3,700

Optogalvanic Calibration See Through Hollow Cathode Lamp


  • Calibration of laser wavelength
  • Stabilization of laser frequency
  • Measuring instrument standard
  • Optical communications
  • Optogalvanic Spectroscopy


Use ST on end of our HC000 range of 2 pin lamps and Ne - Neon, Ar - Argon, Xe - Xenon, Kr - Krypton for choice of filler gas.