Super Lamps

The Photron Super Lamp is a boosted current hollow cathode lamp which consists of an anode positioned behind an open ended cylindrical cathode. A second cathode provides a secondary boosted discharge through the primary cathode. The normal sputtering discharge operates between the cylindrical cathode and the anode and is obtained using the standard hollow cathode lamp power supply from the AA spectrophotometer, an auxiliary power supply provides the heater current and current for the secondary discharge. This secondary discharge excites all atoms sputtered that are present in the discharge plasma allowing much higher currents to be used without any self-absorption broadening. The increase in excitation only affects the primary resonance lines of the sputtered atoms, all other emitted spectra such as ion and gas lines become a much smaller component of total lamp intensity. The result is an improvement in linearity and the ability to use wider bandpass for elements with lines close to the resonance line, e.g. Ni.

Some instruments such as GBC Scientific SavantAA, XplorAA and enduro T2100 may come pre-configured with super lamp power supply built in ready for superlamps.

The Photron Super Lamp used in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy is principally recommended for the following findings:

  • Super lamps provide high intensity gains over standard Hollow Cathode Lamps
  • Elements with resonance spectra in the far UV where instrumental efficiency is reduced. e.g. Arsenic & Selenium.
  • Elements with complex spectra where the enhanced resonances line reduces the interference of background radiation, allowing the use of wide slit widths further reducing signal to noise. e.g. Nickel & Iron
  • For determinations at or near the detection limit, in some cases a 10x gain improvement in detection limited can be achieved.
  • This lamp produces intense spectra with narrow line widths.
  • High Intensity Sharp Line Source for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) and Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS).
  • For elements that are easily self-absorbed in Standard Hollow Cathode Lamps (As, Sb, Cd, Pb, Zn) are not so self-absorbed in a  super lamp.


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3 Volt Super Lamp            ㅤㅤ10 Volt Super Lamp
ㅤㅤRed Base                            ㅤGreen Base

All Super Lamps require a Photron Power Supply or can be used in AAS Instruments with built in Super Lamp Power Supply.

Antimony (Sb)15XP802SP802SCP802S-10VP802S-10C
Arsenic (As)5XP803SP803SCP803S-10VP803S-10C
Cadmium (Cd)6XP808SP808SCP808S-10VP808S-10C
Iron (Fe)8XP826SP826SCP826S-10VP826S-10C
Lead (Pb)5XP828SP828SCP828S-10VP828S-10C
Nickel (Ni)10XP836SP836SCP836S-10VP836S-10C
Selenium (Se)10XP848SP848SCP848S-10VP848S-10C
Phosphorus (P)10XP874SP874SCP874S-10VP874S-10C
6 Multi (Cr/Co/Cu/Fe/Mn/Ni)P873S P873SC P873S-10V N/A