Xenon Short Arc Lamps

SpectroLamps Xenon Short Arc Lamps provide high luminance and long life, high quality and cost effective solutions for your lamp requirements.

Xenon short Arc Lamps available from 50watt to 450watt for use with scientific instruments such as:
• Fluorescence spectrometers
• High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
• Endoscopy/fiber optics
• Microscopy / Fluorescence microscopy
• Scanners
• Color matching / measuring

150 watt Xenon Short Arc Lamps

XHA150W OFR suitable for:
Jenatech / Zeiss, Jobin Yvon, Nikon, Olympus, Perkin Elmer, Spex,
equivalent to OSRAM XBO 150 W/1 OFR
Price: $235 + gst
 Spectrolamps Short Arc Xenon Lamps offer-
 • High luminance
• Ozone free quartz
• 99.99% purity xenon gas 
• High grade electrode materials
• Continuous visible range spectrum
• Hot restart
• High stability arc 
• Most sophisticated manufacturing equipment available
• Latest production techniques
• Engineering and design team Lamp development 
• Buying with confidence at the best prices

450 watt Xenon Short Arc Lamps

XHA450W OFR suitable for:

Edinburgh Instruments, Leica / Leitz, Nikon, Zeiss,

equivalent to OSRAM XBO 450 W OFR

Price: $335 + gst

Warning:  Xenon short arc lamps emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation, are under high pressure and require high ignition voltage . Xenon lamps get very hot during operation and remain hot after operation for some time. Correct protective gear should be worn at all times when operating and handling lamps. Avoid direct exposure to lamp as they can cause serious burns and eye injury. Extreme care must be taken when handling these lamps and be only operated in properly designed enclosed equipment.

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